Osozaki Late Blooming: First

Osozaki Late Blooming: First


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Late Blooming is a romantic comedy about drama and tragedy set in Thais, a quiet little town lost in the world. You will have to play the role of the protagonist, an ordinary young man whose life has given him a second chance. Your mission will be to guide the protagonist in his decisions, and figure out the mysteries that hide inside the hearts of the three girls.

As in real life, our efforts can have unintended consequences; in the same way, Late Blooming incorporates a modality of decision that requires a much deeper analysis than simply choose a girl and wait for the desired event. Many decisions will require a choice between different moral values of equal caliber, or between different types of love: fraternal, romantic and sensual.

  • Deep personalities and character development.
  • 3 Main characters and 2 secondary characters
  • 44 Facial expressions, 9 costumes, different poses.
  • 5 Romantic and non-romantic endings.
  • Choices greatly change the story.
  • More than 65.000 words (and more than 250.000 in all routes).
  • More than 70 CGs included variations.
  • Steam trading cards.

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Osozaki Late Blooming: First
Osozaki Late Blooming: First


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