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Frosty Nights


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Welcome children, to a wonderful, magical, yet grizzly story that old Nicholas never wanted you to know.

After the story is said and done. Your own story will begin.
That’s if you can survive the frosty nights that await you

  • The snowman is not so cute and friendly looking when he’s hungry.
  • Watch the ways into your room carefully for any unexpected ‘guests’.
  • Be sure to keep the door closed… although getting out of bed may be dangerous.
  • There are many bangs, bumps, and distractions seen in the corner of your eye. Are they a real danger, or safe to ignore?
  • Prepare yourself, you need something to see in the dark, and something more to defend yourself.
  • Survive until the warm sun ruses.

Frosty Nights is a First Person / Point and Click hybrid horror game that focuses on atmosphere and suspense.
The first couple of nights are slow, but the later nights will give you little time to think of your next move.

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