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Blood of Old


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This game is in very early stages of development, things will be broken, things will be added some things may be removed or changed. Please DO NOT buy or play this game unless you fully understand this and wish to be active in the development of the game!

Begin as a simple mercenary and make a name for yourself, become commander of armies and conqueror of cities, or become a despised outlaw with murder and thievery. Manage your castles and cities from First Person ensuring they keep a smooth economy and happy peoples. Manage your armies and battle on the ground with them in epic intense battles! Play through the storyline and find the Blood of Old and help them regain their throne and restore peace to a war-torn country.


  • Army building.
  • Troop management.
  • Buy and ride horses and explore the vast open world!
  • Renown system, become an outlaw or hero, your choice!
  • Hunger player survival elements.
  • Earn gold by completing quests or by outlaw ways, and use gold to buy castles and items.

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